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MultiCOM software module in Windows environment allows the simultaneous link to the peripheral devices connected to the PC and can be activated directly from the CNC keyboard without any input from the management PC.





  • Simultaneous communication :
    simultaneous transmission and/or reception of ascii or binary files to as maximum of 128 RS 232 C peripheral devices via multiport serial board, ethernet or wireless.
  • Part program Remote management:
    file transmission and/or reception through commands sent from the NC. The commands are inside files on the CNC.
  • RCM remote management:
    file transmission and/or reception through commands sent from light pens, barcode readers, computer terminals or PC in LAN.
  • Line state display:
    possibility to install a display near the CNC keyboard which highlights the line state and the availability of the management PC ( V.S.M. ).
  • Communication monitoring:
    information displayed on the screen highlighting the state of the communication line by means of a synoptic table of the workshop layout.
  • Event log :
    display and record of activities carried out between the management PC and the CNC peripherals.
  • Syntactic check:
    of the program to be sent or received on the PC and comparison between Part-Programs.
  • Integrated management of CNCs in LAN:
    management by browser specialized in transmission from / to CNC in LAN.
  • Integrated management of CNC states:
    state acquisition, display and storage on DB (CNC ON, axis movement, spindle, Override Feed, T.C.) acquired by means of specific hardware. (Ref. MDA software)
  • Additional information:
    Storage of program information (order, Customer, drawing, notes...) with possible assisted research.
  • Part program local management:
    file transmission and/or reception through commands given from MultiCOM interface panels, while keeping the communication in progress.
  • Hardware and software requirements:
    USB port
    RS232 C serial port
    Windows XP or later