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TOOL2000 is a modular CAM system developed entirely by NC S.r.l., based on ATP (Advanced Technology Processor) parametric programming language for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 /10. Besides the technological modules for programming Numerical Control machine tools, the system includes modules for data transmission to the workshop and file import from CAD systems.

Main features

TOOL2000 offers a multi-view display of the different programming phases, tool path simulation and 3D display of the operations performed with rotary table and tilting head. The extreme power and flexibility of the language allow the users to parameterize using MS-Excel and to prepare interactive macros, subprograms and all kinds of customization that will satisfy their programming needs. The graphics of the workpiece to be machined can be drawn by using interactive CAD functions or by importing DXF, IGES or STEP files.
tool2000 caratteristiche principali

Advantages of the programming language

The programming language is a very simple approach to the world of CAM, as it is close to the way CNC operators work. It keeps track of the operations to be performed to achieve a result and therefore allows you to resume a piece performed, even a long time ago, simply by modifying a dimension or a machining parameter. The ability to document the program allows you to keep track of specific requests or business choices. The part program therefore contains all the geometric, technological and documentary information that allows it to be used both in structured environments and in environments with sporadic use of the tool. There will be no doubts about the logic used in the creation of a piece or waste of time due to having to reconstruct the information that led to a certain result. The language also natively allows the parametric definition of geometries and technologies, without the need to predict in advance what will have to be parameterized. In addition to the normal functions of the language, modules have been developed that extend these features to automate repetitive processes that can be performed even by non-expert operators.
tool2000 linguaggio programmazione
The programming language is therefore particularly suitable in environments that require a high level of documentation of procedures and logics, such as structured environments; o high "reminder" documentation such as environments with low specific competence or low utilization; or a high level of documentation for verification purposes, such as educational institutions.