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  • Solutions for design and industrial automation

    CAD/CAM products, CNC program handling, estimates, production data acquisition and management, time calculation and cnc machining simulation, LAN network and security management, CNC connections, study and development of special software also on CNCs, educational solutions.
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 Tailor-made software


In order to solve specific issues, NC has developed customized solutions for leading businesses, especially for woodworking machine tools, wire bending, robot automation, heat exchanger estimates and turning of railway parts, such as machining of wheel profiles of railway trains and underground trains. 

Tool tips

This software allows to program the technological parameters for tool tip machining and to display the finished product by means of a graphic simulation. This is done in 5 steps:

  1. Selecting "wood profile" and "distortion" according to the positioning parameters on the milling machine.
  2. Selecting the rough tool tip.
  3. Positioning of clamping blocks of the rough piece
  4. Selecting technological parameters
  5. Simulation






System for designing tool tips and milling bodies for applications in the woodworking industry.





System for planning wire or metal strap parts for bending machines.




Simplified user interface on CNC NUM 1010 / 1050 and SIEMENS SINUMERIK 810D / 840D / Parker UNICO platforms for handling wire or metal strap parts on bending machines. 




This software allows to create the machine movements aimed at creating a piece, by selecting the machine axes involved in the machining and by defining their cyclograms.


Thanks to the graphic interface, it is possible to define the axis traverses, verify collisions of components and make adjustments. The simulation allows the coordinate movement of all axes involved and assists the operator in verifying and optimizing the machining cycle.