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  • Custom Software

    NC srl develops software solutions designed to solve specific issues of customers both for PC or CNC environment. Do not hesitate, enhance your efficiency with customized solutions. Read More
  • MultiCOM

    MultiCOM system allows the simultaneous communication with CNCs connected in RS232 or LAN. It can be managed directly from the CNC console. It also allows production data acquisition. Read More
  • Post Processor

    NC srl implements internally the ISO coding phase for all the CAM systems distributed and also for solutions managed together with other retailers. Read More
  • SmartEstimate

    SmartEstimate allows a rapid issuing of machining estimates by means of graphics selections of the areas to be machined, minimizing the time of budgeting and eliminating any calculation errors. Read More
  • ThinSimulator

    Application for editing and verifying ISO programs by means of 3D simulation of tool paths, machine components, workpiece and tools. Read More
  • NCFileExplorer

    NCFileExplorer is an EDM (Engineering Data Management) application, designed to simplify and optimize document management, by handling attachments, versioning, CheckIn and CheckOUT. Read More
  • Ad Hoc programming

    Are you having problems with machining ?
    No problem. If you use our CAD/CAM applications we will be able to provide you with the most suitable solution.
    Read More
  • MDA

    MDA is a software developed by NC, designed to supply information about the actual employment of CNC machines. It allows to identify any idle time and to verify the estimates. Read More
  • NCEval

    NCEVAL is a product configured to recognize the specific ISO code of the CNC, its events / functions and any possible manual operation, to provide information on the real time processing of the pieces. Read More
  • TOOL2000 T-REX

    Modular CAM system, based on parametric programming language, also suitable for non intensive use and easy to introduce in education syllabuses. Read More
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  • Solutions for design and industrial automation

    CAD/CAM products, CNC program handling, estimates, production data acquisition and management, time calculation and cnc machining simulation, LAN network and security management, CNC connections, study and development of special software also on CNCs, educational solutions.
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