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Remote Support



Remote support means accessing the Customer's PC, so that it can be remotely managed by our technical experts.

This kind of assistance allows a more accurate understanding of problems, as well as more rapid solutions compared to any other kind of action.

To enable your PC to get remote support you will first have to download the program by clicking on NC Support



You will be required to run or to save the file



At the end of download, the program will start automatically if you selected the option Run, otherwise you will have to run the program manually. 

When run for the first time, the program does not allow connection to the remote PC, as shown in the status bar at the bottom left of the window.




To activate the connection to the server that allows PC sharing you will have to click on Avvia 




Once the status bar shows "Pronto a ricevere connessioni remote" you will have to provide our expert with the values contained in the fields "Il tuo ID" and "La tua password".

Once the connection has been established, a message will be displayed with the ID of the remote PC.