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    CAD/CAM products, CNC program handling, estimates, production data acquisition and management, time calculation and cnc machining simulation, LAN network and security management, CNC connections, study and development of special software also on CNCs, educational solutions.
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 MDA System

MDA is a new software system developed by NC, designed to supply information about the actual employment of CNC machines. It allows to identify any idle time and to verify the estimates. The product is made up of specific hardware for state acquisition, a software system that manages states with real time storage and a software system that serves as interface to a production managing system.  


Acquisition module

The module is designed to acquire meaningful machine states such as :

  • Machine ON/OFF
  • Rotating spindle
  • Axes movement
  • Tool change counter
  • Override feed

The module immediately displays  the progress of the acquired states by displaying the details of the acquisition or by means of coloured icons that highlight the CNC status.
MDA system allows to acquire states via Ethernet and store data on a DB in Lan.
Managing CNC states with MDA system allows a real time check of the workshop, with the  display of the active and non-active CNCs in the layout of machines.












Analysis module

A further module of MDA System allows the analysis of stored data, by comparing them to those coming from a production managing system. The purpose of this is to get a more rapid identification of the production phases which need to be optimized. 
The module allows to query any time lapses and get a visual display of states, acquired activities and the average machine values for that lapse of time. The module allows the analysis in details by means of the zoom in and out function. 
The module is integrated with PDA and NICIM products and possibly with other data acquisition systems.