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    CAD/CAM products, CNC program handling, estimates, production data acquisition and management, time calculation and cnc machining simulation, LAN network and security management, CNC connections, study and development of special software also on CNCs, educational solutions.
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The System in general

The basic communication system is subject to the installation of a multiserial on the PC that controls up to 32 serial ports at a maximum speed of 100m.

In the distribution cabinet of the communication ports and on the CNCs it is possible to set some insulators which protect the serial line from shocks and guarantee its correct functioning.

It is possible to install some line displays near the CNCs which allow the operator to check the operations of communication with the remote PC.

It is also possible to distribute the serial ports in modules of 1/2/4/8/16 via LAN at a distance which depends on the kind of wiring (copper or optical fibre). Such a configuration does not require any hardware implementation of the PC.



It is possible to manage transmission through commands sent by light pens, barcode readers, terminals or PCs in LAN. The configuration allows to manage CNCs without comments, complete keyboards or with limited memory. It is also possible to standardize the way of sending commands or to manage barcodes generated by project management or manufacturing software.


Wireless Solution

MultiCOM also allows connection to peripherals without a cabled network, but by means of a wireless connection, which does not require any wiring in the workshop but only a radio transmission/reception unit. 


  1. No wiring in the workshop.
  2. Possibility of solving the machine tool shift disregarding the existing wiring.
  3. Possibility of realizing a system by connecting even only one CNC each time.
  4. Simple maintenance: the replacement of equipment does NOT require our intervention.
  5. Drastic reduction of the risks provoked by shocks or overvoltage.